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Honing his talent for the past 10 years as an artist and producer, DON PREACH started STEALTH MODE ENTERTAINMENT, and has collaborated with national and local artists and producers, including Grammy Award winning SHANNON SANDERS (credits include India Arie), GHOST KASEN (production credits include JA RULE, ASHANTI, IRV GOTTI, JENNIFER LOPEZ, MARIAH CAREY, MARY J. BLIGE, and JANET JACKSON)

Inspired by the thoughts and emotions of a very pivotal moment “My American” was recorded completely unwritten. A rarely seen style used only by some of music’s most influential artists including “The Notorious B.I.G., Ja Rule and Jay Z”. DON PREACH never hesitates to use his life experiences to make an example of himself in allowing us to realize what to do and what not to do in life.

“I have been to hell and back. Not only did I survive, but I thrived by using the gift that God has gave me, and my sincere belief for doing the right thing. If nothing else my music will tell people they are not alone, there is light even in the darkest of storms, and to never forget to strive ahead and most importantly, to rely on God.

In honor of our Veterans, Don Preach, international renowned singer and songwriter and DownloadOurTroops.com a U.S. Military Music Community for iTunes have joined forces to benefit our Military Heroes (past and present) and their families who need our support every day.

In celebration of the launch of this strategic relationship,  July 4th, 2012 Don Preach has released his incredible single “Hero” for immediate sale on iTunes through DownloadOurTroops.com. A substantial share of the proceeds earned for every song downloaded will be directed to worthy Veteran Support Groups such as The Wounded Warrior Project, IAVA and others, with both Don Preach and DownloadOurTroops.com contributing substantially to this worthy effort.

In today’s world, especially in today’s economy, almost everyone is concerned with their own economic challenges and well being. It is very hard for many right now to even think about giving back to those who have made our lives possible with their sacrifice.  But Don Preach believes his blessings from God, his talents and incredible music are meant to be a gift to the world to raise awareness of the struggles that so many others are facing, especially our past and present military veterans that have served in both Iraq and Afghanistan and as a way to be able to really give back or “pay it forward”.

Born into a family as both a son and grand-son of a preacher, Don Preach’s (born Donald Rudolph) music and message are a calling intended to create a wave of positive messages that challenge people to do the right thing and to give thanks to those that deserve it most.  This is what drives Don every day, sharing his message, love for God and his Country.

Hero is a Patriotic and upbeat song honoring our men and women who have worn the uniform and now need our help for their sacrifice in helping us preserve our way of life. In giving back a large share of the monies Don Preach will earn for each Hero single purchased on iTunes for just $.99 cents,  people from all walks of life can get a GREAT song and know they have participated in a very worthy cause supporting our Veterans. Hero will be a Win Win for everyone who hears and purchase Don’s incredible tribute.

DownloadOurTroops.com (A division of Brenda Brown Entertainment, LLC)

Like Don Preach, DownloadOurTroops.com is all about giving back to our military Veterans and their families, past and present.  For every single, album or book purchased on iTunes through DOT.com, the majority of royalties earned will be given back to the Veteran artist or author as well as to worthy and in need Veteran support groups.


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